The admission process consists of following steps:

  1. The student submits an application to Al-Quds University (AQU) for Dual Study choosing the preferred program (Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, or Business Administration) on the following link: http://www.alquds.edu/ar/study-with-us-ar/admission-ar.html
  2. AQU Admission will check if the student meets the AQU requirements.
  3. In case the requirements are met, the students application will be sent to partner companies by AQU
  4. Partner companies review the student’s applications and contact the shortlisted ones for a personal interview, written exam or both. (look at interview tips below)
  5. The partner companies select one or more students to be trained in house during the practical phases.
  6. An education contract has to be signed by the partner company, the Dual Study student and Al-Quds University.
  7. After having signed the contract by all parties, the student is officially enrolled in the Dual Studies.
  8. Finally, the student continues his/her registration process at AQU by paying the tuition fees and submitting other requested documents.

Interview tips for short-listed students:

  1. Be on time: allow extra time to arrive early.
  2. Inform the reception with your arrival so they can usher you to the interview.
  3. Look sharp: Get out your best interview clothes.
  4. Do your research and learn about the company before the interview by checking their website.
  5. Learn about Dual Studies and the program you wish to join through Dual Studies website.
  6. Learn about Al Quds University in General through their website www.alquds.edu.
  7. The most common question in the interviews is: why do you want to join the Dual Studies? prepare a convincing answer.


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