Mohammad Daraghmeh

Information Technology Student at CoolNet

            "The Dual studies Program has opened a window to apply the theoretical education that we receive at the university throughout our practical periods. In other words, during my time at the company I take part in finalizing technical tasks that are related to web designing and different programing languages. Therefore, these applied tasks are considered a practical reflection to what I study at the university, and what I will do after graduation."


Eng. Mahmoud Al-Murqaten

Network Deployment & Maintenance Department Head 

Jawwal Company


"The Dual Studies Program is a paradigm shift in the learning methods at Palestinian Universities. The student is introduced to practical and theoretical education, which are complementary to one another. Adding to that, Students are placed in a challenging environment to master the role of an employee. Students have to commit to working hours, and are obligated to obey all company's regulations. The presence of students in companies is considered a strengthen point, in which students are trained and prepared for potential work opportunities after graduation. Our Company Jawwal supports this program for the great benefits it brings to the Palestinian society and graduates. "

Layth Ibaidi

Information Technology Student at Jawwal

"The Dual Study Program encouraged me to reach proficiency in what I do. I was hoping to get a different study approach than what regular universities offer, through this program I am being provided with practical experience that is not offered in other universities, and is needed for my future profession. In short, this program is my guide to achieve my goals."

Eng. Fadi Abu Al-Zuluf

General Manager and Owner

Melemco Modern Electromechanical Company


"Melemco Company is considered one of the first supporters of the Dual Studies. Since the program helps the company get qualified staff right after graduation. I can honestly say that at the beginning of my partnership with the Dual Studies I was not expecting the results that we have reached. Now, I am certain that the students that are currently working in the company will have their contracts expanded as permanent employees, unless they have other plans. Other than that, I no longer feel that there is a difference between their performance and the performance of other employees. They are aware of the work environment of the company. Eventually, the idea of employing and training Dual Studies students is considered an investment for companies and for students."

Eng. Munther Ragheb Al Barghouthi

General Manager and Owner

Electro Company- Electrical Works and Contracts


"We have joined the Dual Studies at the beginning of the Academic year of 2016-2017. Currently, we have two Electrical Engineering students within our staff. Personally, I consider myself as a big fan of this practical program that gives students a chance to get introduced to the labor market with great confident and awareness in regards to work requirements."

Khaled Hamdan

Electrical Engineering Student Al Takamul

"The Dual Study Program is the chosen station for creativity. The program provides students theoretical knowledge and chances of working in Palestinian companies. This means that new graduates will have practical and intellectual matureness at the same time. In short, it won’t be hard for a Dual Studies student to join the stream of the labor market after graduation."

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