“Dual studies” is an educational system that combines the theoretical study with the practical application. Al-Quds University launched the Dual Studies in 2015 with funding from the German Government through GIZ. Dual Studies have been designed to contribute to raising the professional level of the Palestinian youth and providing good jobs for students after graduation. Moreover, it aims to bridge the gap between the academic educational outcomes and the needs and requirements of the Palestinian labor market. Dual studies is being implemented along the lines of the German experience which mainly depends on the integration of academic study and linking students in the work environment since the first day of enrolling to the specialty. All of which provides students with the opportunity to study at Al-Quds University as well as have the chance to practice the profession their studies suggest in one of the specialized Palestinian companies throughout the bachelor years. Dual Studies puts a priority to encourage the participation of women at the same level of male students.

The benefits to enrolling at the Dual Studies

  • Gain practical experience in addition to theoretical study by working in specialized companies since the first day of study.
  • Learning and working in small groups, which helps raise the efficiency of students.
  • Students receive the skills and abilities required in the Palestinian labor market depending on their professional field.
  • Students receive a monthly allowance offered by the Palestinian partner companies during the practical period students spend with them.
  • Students receive intensive classes in English language.
  • Students have the chance to learn German.
  • Distinctive students get the chance to receive short-term apprenticeships in German Companies.
  • Dual Studies’ students have better work chances than others due to the practical experience gained during their course of study.


The benefits to the Palestinian partner companies?

  • Get the opportunity to participate in determining the educational objectives and the development of the curriculum according to the needs of the labor market.
  • Allow companies to address potential educational problems in collaboration with the academic support.
  • The companies become the link for the latest developments in the academic specialties and scientific innovations.
  • Ensure the graduates ability to work directly, in addition to master the English language and have a decent level of knowledge in German.
The project "More Job Opportunities for Palestinian Youth" through Dual Studies at Al-Quds University, assisted by the German Government,
is being carried out by GFA Consulting Group on behalf of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.
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