The Dual Study Industrial Engineering (DSIE) program at Al-Quds University offers the student both theory and practice at the same time. During the 4 years of studying in the DSIE program, the student spends half of his/her time in partner companies that are interested in employing industrial engineers. Dual Studies contains cooperation with the private sector through offering the students theory and practice at the same time. This new form of higher education decreases the gap between university and private sector. According to statements of the company’s owners, DSIE graduates have definitely a greater chance to continue their employment in the partner company where they have completed their practical periods. Here, they will not only learn engineering issues but also soft skills and customers’ relations.

Industrial Engineering is the engineering topic that qualifies multifunctional engineers who are capable to handle mechanical (40% of the curriculum), electrical (40% of the curriculum), and basic management tasks (20% of the curriculum). These three topics are necessary for any industrial facility, which means a wider space for employment. Considering the remarkable number of industrial establishment in Palestine that exceeded 18,000 establishments, even many of them are micro businesses; the potential market is big enough to absorb more graduates who can handle the mentioned three tasks. Industrial Engineering is known as the branch of engineering that is responsible for optimizing complex systems or processes taking in consideration achieving stated objective of improvement such as enhancing profit, minimizing waste, increasing productivity, improving quality, and minimizing timeetc.

Dual Study Industrial Engineering applied at Al-Quds University follows the German version. This version is composed by strong engineering elements with basics in business and management. Therefore, an industrial engineer should be capable to understand and to work professionally in the following main areas:

• Mechanical applications and related mechanical applications.
(Mechanical Drawing, Statics, Dynamics, Hydraulics, Thermodynamics, Mechanical Machine Design, Maintenance etc.)
• Electrical systems and related electrical control systems
(Basics of electrical and electronic systems, Electrical Motors & Generators, Control systems etc.).
• Basics in business and management practices
(Production & Operation Management, Accounting and Cost Accounting, Sales & Marketing …etc.).

Industrial Engineers have good opportunities in employment in the following main areas:
- Operational management
- Production management
- Procurement and supply chain management
- Warehouse management
- Quality Control & Quality Assurance
- Maintenance
- Project management
- Logistics
- Research and Development

The mission of the DSIE program is the preparation of a distinct experienced generation of graduates through cooperation with the private sector. They are characterized not only as creators and as innovators in their specialization field, but also capable to prove themselves as unique engineers in a world of accelerated progress of technology and economics. They will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and appropriate skills for a decent place in the world of leadership of excellence and business, as well as to enable them to take the wheel of evolution, and to continue the march of advancement and prosperity in Palestine.

The project "More Job Opportunities for Palestinian Youth" through Dual Studies at Al-Quds University, assisted by the German Government,
is being carried out by GFA Consulting Group on behalf of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.
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