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B.Sc. Degree in Business Administration

The Dual Study Business Administration Program (DSDB) aims at enabling students with theoretical and practical knowledge and understanding of the work environment in the fields of commercial transactions, administration, planning, investments, organization, marketing, entrepreneurship, and the international business market.

Credit Hours 140

Theory credits 100

Practice Hours 40

Business Administration

Goals & Outcomes

The mission of DSBA is to qualify students to become successful managers and leaders in their respective work environments, equipped with practical skills, creative thinking, and experience.

  • Enable students with life skills and knowledge essential for their personal and professional development and growth
  • Enable students with an inclusive understanding of the management cycle and administrative process
  • Qualify an innovative, creative and experienced generation

Job Opportunities

DSBA graduates can be employed in the fields of: Marketing, Procurement, Human Resources, Public Relations, General Administration, Accounting, International Market and Entrepreneurship.

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