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B.Sc. Degree in Digital Business Management

The Dual Study Digital Business Management Program (DSDB) aims at qualifying a new generation of innovators and analysts for a brighter technological and digital era. Digital economy has become a basic demand among competitive companies which seek to develop and enhance their performance.

Digital Business is about changing traditional conceptions that regard technology a supportive tool, restating its importance as the focus of innovation and entrepreneurship within a company.

Credit Hours 142

Theory credits 102

Practice Hours 40

Digital Business Management

Goals & Outcomes

The mission of DSDB is to enable students with an ideal balance of business, administrative, programming, an technological knowledge and skills every leader and manager of tomorrow needs.

  • Get acquainted with main areas of work (accounting, finance, marketing, and investments)
  • Know the major concepts in technology and information systems.
  • Understand digital commercial transactions
  • The ability to analyze different businesses and processes, and advise enhancement solutions
  • Develop traditional or classical procedures into digital processes through advising proper and suitable technological software and applications
  • Practical training and application in professional environments with specialized team
  • Develop critical thinking and out-of-the-box ideas, approaches and solutions

Job Opportunities

DSDB graduates can be employed in the fields of: Digital Marketing, Customer Relations Management, Human Resources Management, Risk Management, Administrative Consultancy and Entrepreneurship

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