Ghazal Salameh

Study: Electrical Engineering- Palestine's Cellular communication Company (Jawwal)

The Dual studies Program guided me to get familiar with work environment, and taught me how to deal with different people using the right communication skills. Unlike other students from other universities, I will not suffer from the postgraduate trauma since I will be able to overstep this phase using the information and skills gained during the practical periods. In addition to that, I will be able to finish studying electrical engineering in four years instead of five years.

Khulod Jaber

Study: Business Administration- National Beverage Company

I am pleased for joining the Dual Studies Business Administration Program. During my first academic year, I felt that my administrative and personal skills are rapidly evolving. So far, I spent 6 months in the company I train in, and this has added a great value to the practical information I learn at the university. That is in addition to the practical experience that qualify me to start my future career.

Mosab Hleiqawi

Study: Electrical Engineering- Royal Industrial Trading

I am a Dual Studies Electrical Engineering sophomore, and I have noticed that during the practical periods my experience got improved due to the tutorship and care I receive from the company. Additionally, when it comes to employment I feel that I have a preference as a Dual Studies graduate than other university graduates; this is because I have the required engineering skills, and concrete experience.

Aya Dadua

Study: Business administration- Siniora Food Industries Company

Joining the Dual Studies Program provided me with the opportunity to experience and explore the Business Administration world, and practice different management skills. During the practical periods, I gained many skills such as precision, punctuality, multitasking, dealing with people, and using different computer programs. All these skills made me better and improved my self-confidence. Indeed, I will become a successful manager in the future.

Nawal Dweik

Study: Information Technology- Axsos Company

I consider joining the exceptional Dual Studies Program an honor since it provided me with the opportunity to train in a leading company in its field. Also, it gave me a chance to go through the experience of communicating with different managers and employees, and applying diverse tasks that are related to Information Technology. In addition to that, one of the reasons that made me join the program is believing in its role in developing students' practical experience through merging them in the labor market since their first academic year. I feel more confident and know that I am on the right path for building my future career.

Lama Abu Hummos

Study: Information Technology-Reach

“The Dual Studies Program helped me improve different skills, for instance my communication skills are way better now than before. The program, guided me to use self-learning to get advanced in both of the educational and practical fields.”

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